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Jeremy Stalls

Jeremy Stalls is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC, ICADC) and a North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist (NCCPSS) who identifies as a person in long-term recovery and has worked in the treatment field since moving to Western North Carolina in 2017. Jeremy is committed to creating a safe space which can foster vulnerability and allow clients to express themselves in a healing manner and, ultimately, feel less alone in the world.

Jeremy passionately believes in the power of meaningful human relationships to heal and he loves using stories to resonate with the connective part of the human spirit and he strives to incorporate a diverse range of creative sources into his personal approach to treatment, often including mythology, literature, and folklore into the modalities which he employs. “If I can create a relationships which allow a client to feel close to another human, expose them to ideas and experiences which resonate with them, and play a role in convincing them that they can still recover the person they were always capable of becoming, then they have a good chance and I’ve done my job.”

Originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Jeremy has been enamored with the mountains of Western North Carolina since his first visit and he has hiked extensively throughout the region. Moving to Asheville in order to pursue work in the treatment field, Jeremy is a huge advocate of the healing properties of the natural surroundings of the city and he can often be found outdoors pursuing an active lifestyle. An avid traveler, Jeremy enjoys traveling the world with his wife, Katie, and immersing himself in other cultures. He continues to credit the recovery process for the freedom he has found in life and Jeremy has found meaning in attempting to share that gift with others. “I’ve found my bliss and that is truly a gift.”