Support Structures

At Relational Recovery Services, we understand that every client is unique and that what may work for one individual may not work for another. That is why we give clients the opportunity to tailor their treatment based on their own wants and needs.

At Relational Recovery Services, we understand that one-size-fits-all treatment solutions generally do not work well. What does work is a custom plan made to fit you and only you. The following services are available for clients to choose from and, with help from our specialists, you can build a treatment plan that is perfect for you.

Initial Assessment

An initial assessment is the first step of the recovery support process. During an assessment, the client meets with one of our specialists and discloses medical history, history of substance abuse or mental health issues, and treatment history. Based on the information given, the specialists will determine the level of care required and offer their service recommendations to the client.

Individual Counseling

In-Person Contact

Individual counseling is a private, one-on-one talk therapy session led by a counselor. During these sessions, clients will discuss their past and present struggles with substance abuse and/or mental health. The counselor will guide the discussion and offer insight while also identifying areas that need improvement within the client’s life. These sessions are highly beneficial for the development of coping skills, healthy behavioral thought patterns, and the prevention of relapse.

Weekly Follow-Up

Similar to an individual counseling session, a follow-up phone call is private in that it is confined to the counselor and client. These phone calls gauge clients’ progress throughout the week and offer support and encouragement to follow through with set goals and tasks that were discussed in the previous counseling session.

Support Group Guidance

Support groups such as 12-Step & Narcotics Anonymous are very effective in sustaining long-term sobriety. Clients who participate in these groups benefit from a sense of community, accountability, and support. Our specialists at Relational Recovery Services have extensive experience with 12-step groups, especially groups in the immediate area, and will recommend a support group that they feel fits your unique wants and needs.

Family Counseling Call

A family counseling call is a phone call between a counselor, client, and members of the client’s family. Because addiction affects the entire family unit and not just the user, families often require healing as well. These counseling calls aim to educate the family on addiction, foster acceptance, and rebuild damaged trust that resulted from the substance use disorder.


Case Management Services

Our case managers at Relational Recovery Services act as advocates for the client by assisting them in transitioning through each stage of treatment. Case management services work across all disciplines including treatment coordination, detox referrals, the arrangement of sober escort services, and much more.